Do Customers Find You Online To The Degree of Producing an ROI For Your Site?

A Google search of your product/service/industry produces 10 “organic” results and as many “paid” results. Search engine optimization refers to practices that enhance your website’s visibility in “organic” web searches — that is, unpaid searches based upon the algorithm used by search engines. Modern SEO focuses primarily on Google, by far the world’s most popular search engine, but also accounts for other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. The goal with SEO is to appear as high as possible in searches for keywords that most powerfully relate to your business. The higher you appear, the more quality visitor traffic you will drive to your site. Are you listed on page one? If not, ask yourself: when you do a search, do you ever go to page two? Search Engine Optimization is a systematic approach to helping your company get to the top of a search, and a strategy in which WSI has a proven track record.

SEO Success Begins with WSI

We abide by Google search guidelines to produce organic rankings, consistently and professionally. We start with a set of keywords that are important to your business; build content around those keywords; optimize your Website; and create the structure for search engines to find you. Then, on a monthly basis, we are transparent in our activities, providing a status report that shows you exactly what we have done, and the corresponding result of your keyword ranking. Let WSI take the burden of SEO from you so you can take care of your core business. We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy in conjunction with your website design so that new customers in need of your products and services can find you on all the major search engines.

Here’s a brief window into the process:

Market-researched keywords

What keyword phrases relate to your business? And which keyword phrases represent the most popular, targeted, and effective phrases your potential customers are actually typing into the search bar? We’ll work together to ensure we know exactly what keywords relate most powerfully to your business.

Website design

A clean, well-structured website which is easy to “crawl” (i.e. easy for search engines to analyze) is essential to modern SEO practices. This component goes hand in hand with our in-house web design services.

Website content

From meta tags to body content to page titles, we’ll incorporate relevant keywords in just the right places and in just the right amounts to maximize your site’s SEO.

Local search

Local customers might be key to your business, which is where geographical keywords and local search optimization come into play. Because WSI has a global reach but a local presence, we will have a keen grasp of how to make local searches work for you.

Search engine optimization is a key component of your digital marketing success. We have the proven techniques that can get you found on the world wide web.

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